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Naked Scuba Diving

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Okay, for some people, the feeling of diving in nature

with nothing on is relaxing. For that reason, you will actually find a number of naked scuba diving clubs consisting of people who enjoy being free while in the water.

Diving in the nude is very exhilarating, allowing the water to caress the body naturally. The number of people who enjoy naked scuba diving would probably surprise you.

In addition to the great feeling that you get while diving nude, there are also the safety considerations. For instance, some subtropical and tropical waters have problems with sea lice that become caught under clothing.

The problem is that sea lice sting and it hurts. However, sea lice do not cling to exposed skin, which means people can scuba dive naked and not have to worry about these annoying creatures. Keep in

mind that it is recommended body hair be trimmed or shaved.

Additionally, naked scuba diving
also helps the diver to become better aware of the underwater environment, which actually teaches better diving skills.

For instance, on your naked scuba diving trip you probably will encounter rocks, cliffs, coral, and other nature that when brushed up against with a wetsuit can do damage to expensive gear or even create a safety hazard.

By feeling the environment on the body, you become more aware of your diving and the environment, which means being more careful.

Just as there are many benefits of naked scuba diving, there are some risks too. In this case, male divers should avoid the process of feeding fish.

The reason is that some fish cannot tell food from a male's appendage, thus causing a bite. In addition, men should protect themselves when in large schools of fish.

While this might sound funny, it can be a problem and bites do occur.

at naked scuba diving stay away from jelly fish
At naked scuba diving stay away from jelly fish
watch out for coral snake at scuba diving andaman sea
Watch out for coral snake at scuba diving Andaman sea
A crab might pinch you on naked scuba trip
A crab might pinch you on naked scuba trip

Therefore, just be aware of the environment when diving without a wetsuit or bathing suit so you take the right protective measures.


Interestingly, many divers are now trying naked diving and finding they love it. The following are some sites that accept nude diving should you decide to try it for yourself:

St. Maarten - Orient Beach French

Mexico Cozumel - San Francisco Beach Yucatan, Mayan Corridor - Playa Del Carman St. Barts
Honduras Half Moon Bay West End Bay
Antigua Hawksbill
Bahamas Nassau (Breezes) Cat Island (Cutlass Bay)

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Since the beginning of time, man jumped into the sea with our without something covering the body. Now its a great feeling to explore the deep of the sea without some textiles or other material on the body. Its somehow similar to the German communists in the former GDR , it was very popular with them to take everything off on certain beaches at the East Sea.

The only real problem when you go on a naked scuba diving trip is to make sure the dive gear wont rub and cut into your skin; better be careful. Deciding whether naked scuba diving is right for you depends solely on yourself, don't think to much what others might think, what they think is their problem, not yours.

Naked scuba diving can be an unbelievable experience that will give you something to talk about, just do it and enjoy.



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